The visuals for one of the biggest science fairs in Trieste, organized by Immaginario Scientifico.

TRAME is a big Science exposition in one of the most beautiful buildings in Trieste, Italy, the old Fish Market.
I was commisioned with the video teaser, ad and the overall visuals of the event, that lasted an entire month and held conferences, workshops, live shows and even an architecture contest.
In italian TRAME means "Web" but also plot, and this was the main concept of the visuals. "Something that grows and interconnects, creating the perfect environment for innovation.
The exposition counted with conferences each day given by experts in science, nature and technology. That's how we reclaimed the idea of the weaves into building each participants' portrait for the advertising of their conference.
The application of the bands and the video at the entrance.
The palace covered in red bands.
A detail of the multi screen controls 
Night view of a keynote loop
Thank you for your appreciation!
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